1. When you place an electronic order through the website you are using, you acknowledge the pre-disclosure form and distance sales agreement.
  2. Buyers are subject to the provisions of Law on Protection of Consumers with number 6502, Distance Agreements Regulation (RG:27.11.2014/29188), as well as other applicable laws on sales and delivery of the purchased product.
  3. Courier fees (product delivery costs) shall be covered by buyers.
  4. Each purchased product is delivered to the person and/or organization in the address stated by buyer within the 30-day legal period. If the product is not delivered within this period, the Buyers can terminate the agreement.
  5. Purchased product should be returned in full, in accordance with the qualities stated in the order; together with the documents such as warranty certificate, user manual; if any.
  6. When it becomes impossible to sell the purchased product, the seller should notify the buyer in writing within 5 days after being informed about this condition. And the total amount should be refunded within 15 days.
In Case the Product Price is not Paid:
  • If the Buyer does not pay the price of the purchased product or cancels the payment from bank records; Seller's liability of delivering the product is terminated.
Shopping via Unauthorized Use of Credit Cards:
  • If it is found that unauthorized persons have wrongfully used the credit card used by buyer for payment after delivery of product, and if the relevant bank or financial institution does not pay the price of sold product to Seller; Buyer is obliged to return the product subject to the agreement to SELLER within 3 days with counter-party-paid shipment.
In Case the Product Cannot Be Delivered within the Foreseen Period due to Unpredictable Reasons:
  • If the product cannot be delivered within the foreseen period due to the unpredictable reasons and force majeure, Buyer is informed about the condition. Buyer can request cancellation of order, replacement of product with a similar one or postponing the delivery until the unpredictable conditions disappear. If the Buyer cancels the order, in case the payment was made in cash, the amount of this order is refunded in cash within 15 days after cancellation. If the Buyer cancels the order, in case the payment was made with credit card, the amount of this order is returned to the bank within 15 days after cancellation; however the bank may transfer the amount to buyer's account within 2-3 weeks.
Buyer's Obligation to Inspect the Product:
  • Buyer shall inspect the good/service subject to agreement before receiving; and shall not accept the crushed, broken, torn etc. damaged and defective good/service of/from courier company. Received good/service shall be deemed to be undamaged and intact. BUYER is obliged to carefully protect the good/service after receiving it. If the right of withdrawal will be exercised, the good/service should not be used. Invoice should be returned together with the product.
Right of Withdrawal:
  • BUYER can reject the good without assuming any legal and penal responsibility and without any justifications, and exercise her/his right of withdrawal on the condition that she/he notifies SELLER through below contact information within 14 (fourteen) days after the purchased product is delivered to the BUYER or the person/organization in the stated address.
Seller's Contact Information for Right of Withdrawal Notification:


ADDRESS: Yeni Mahallesi Demirciler Sk. No: 27 Urla/İZMİR

E-MAIL: [email protected]

PHONE NUMBER: 0532 464 35 66

Right of Withdrawal Period:
  • In case of purchased services, the 14-day period of right of withdrawal starts from the date of signing the agreement. In service agreements where the performance of service is initiated with the approval of consumer before the right of withdrawal period ends, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised.
  • The costs arising from exercising the right of withdrawal are covered by SELLER.
  • For exercising the right of withdrawal, it is necessary to submit a written notification via certified mail, fax or e-mail to SELLER within 14 (fourteen) days period and it is necessary that the product has not been used within the framework of provisions of “Products for which the Right of Withdrawal Cannot Be Exercised”, which are stated within the scope of this agreement.
Exercising the Right of Withdrawal:
  • It is necessary to return the invoice delivered to third persons or BUYER (if the invoice is a corporate invoice, it is necessary to return the product together with the return invoice prepared by the organization. The returns, for which the invoices are prepared on behalf of organizations, shall not be processed unless RETURN INVOICES are prepared.)
  • The product should be returned together with the return form, boxes, packages and standard accessories - if any - of the products to be returned, in full form and without damages.
Return Terms:
  • SELLER is obliged to refund the total amount and the documents that obligate the BUYER within maximum 15 days, and to receive the returned good within maximum 20 days.
  • In case the value of good decreases or the return process becomes impossible due to BUYER's negligence, the BUYER is obliged to retrieve the losses of SELLER in accordance with her/his negligence. However, the BUYER is not responsible for the changes and deteriorations due to duly use of good or product within the right of withdrawal period.
  • In case the amount becomes lower than the limit amount of the campaign held by SELLER due to exercising the right of withdrawal, the amount of discount used within the scope of campaign is canceled.
Products for which the Right of Withdrawal Cannot Be Exercised:
  • Except for the products provided within the scope of Subscription Agreement; in case the packages are opened by BUYER; the products that have been prepared in line with the request or explicit personal needs of BUYER, that are not suitable for being returned, single-use products, goods that can be deteriorated within a short period or that can expire, products that are not suitable for return after the package is opened by BUYER in terms of health and hygiene, products that are mixed with other products after delivery, and which cannot be separated due to their nature cannot be returned according to the Regulation. In addition, according to the Regulation, it is not possible to exercise the right of withdrawal for the services, for which the performance procedure has been initiated with the approval of consumer before the right of withdrawal ends.
  • For being able to return the Food and Cosmetic products, the packages should be intact, and the products should be untouched, in good condition and unused.
Event of Default and Its Legal Consequences:
  • BUYER acknowledges, declares and undertakes that when the payment is performed with credit card, if the BUYER goes into default, she/he shall pay interest within the scope of credit card agreement between the card owner and bank, and shall be liable against bank. In this case, the relevant bank can take legal action; claim for the potential sue charges and counsel's fee from BUYER and the BUYER acknowledges that, in any case, if the BUYER goes into default due to her/his debt, she/he will compensate for the damages incurred by SELLER.
Payment and Delivery:
  • You can make online single payments with your credit cards through our website. In online payments, at the end of the order process, the amount shall be withdrawn from your credit card.
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