Oliva Malia picks different types of olives, grown in the unique Karaburun area, in green form by hand, without causing any harm on nature and places them in special lugs. Early-harvest green olives are brought to the production facility within maximum 4 hours and taken to the pressing pool without any delay.

In our factory equipped with the latest technology, the olives are processed into olive oil by isolating them from heat and air in the closed continuous system production line with zero touch. The tailor-made machines ensure a healthy and environment-friendly production with 2-phase “ecological” systems that are compatible with nature. We press the olives with the environment-friendly cold press method, in a way to obtain high level of health values and healthful components, without using any additives and compromising on quality and hygiene.

Oliva Malia Olive Oil is fully compatible with organic certification requirements, has organic product certificate and is produced with ISO9001 and ISO22000 expertise. The facility's daily pressing capacity is 70 tons, and all pressed products are initially subjected to sensory and chemical analyzes. Expert connoisseurs test the rancidity, mordacity and fruitiness of olive oil; while food engineers test the acidity rate, polyphenol content and peroxide assignment values in the laboratory of our facility with the measuring devices ordered from Italy.

As a result of these assessments, the products are categorized and taken to the storage tanks in the cellar under the facility. The cellar is a special storage area where a temperature of 18-24 degrees is maintained without light exposure. In this area, the olive oils are stored in different sizes of tanks without light, temperature and air contact.

Olive oils are filled in packages via filling machines without hand and air contact. For protecting the quality and flavor, olive oils are filled into dark glass bottles. This way, the exposure to light is prevented. Caps of these bottles are special caps that minimize oxygen contact. We have carefully taken all the necessary measures at each stage to protect our olive oils until you have them on your table.

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