Healthy Gift Box
Sağlıklı Hediye Kutusu
Sağlıklı Hediye Kutusu
Sağlıklı Hediye Kutusu
Sağlıklı Hediye Kutusu
Sağlıklı Hediye Kutusu

Healthy Gift Box

Price : 749,90 TL(Vat included)


  • This is among our 2021-2022 season products.
  • Is a cold press, early-harvest olive oil.
  • Its free fatty acid content is 0,4%.
  • This olive oil includes required amount of polyphenols (250+) for health and has maximum antioxidant, vitamin E etc. levels.
  • Has an intense and fruity flavor.
  • Its rancidity is 6.5, fruitiness level is 7 and mordacity rate is 6.
  • Its tasting notes are artichoke, banana, grass and pepper.
  • It is recommended to consume raw in breakfasts and use on salads and appetizers, on breads and grilled fish.
  • Our product is packaged in 500 ml dark glass bottles.


  • Extracted from the olive trees decorated with flowers by the end of spring, our cologne takes you to the olive gardens with its delicate and lasting scent.
  • Provides softness on your skin with its lotion effect and does not dehydrate.
  • Packaged in 200 ml spray cap bottles.
  • Includes 80° (degrees) of alcohol.


  • Organically produced using the quality natural olive oil (100%) of Karaburun and goat milk.
  • Does not involve paraben, protective agents, foaming agents, synthetic perfume and toxic substances and carcinogens such as food coloring etc.
  • Suitable for all age groups and supports body, face, hand and skin care.
  • Its weight is 110 grams.
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